Tourism Lekgotla

The Tourism Lekgotla was established in February 2000 in Rustenburg with the aim of creating an annual communication platform with tourism stakeholders, product owners and other government institutions to work together for the development and promotion of tourism in the Province.

It is an attempt to encourage discussions amongst tourism businesses, the government and communities to network together and discuss challenges and obstacles facing the tourism industry, mutual marketing opportunities, learning and introducing new marketing trends, addressing consensus and resolving on the way forward strategies. This has been achieved by introducing various key topics for discussion to address challenges and improve on our Provincial tourism strategic goals.

Since inception, the Provincial Tourism Lekgotlas have been hosted in each of the four regions of the Province.

The objectives of tourism Lekgotlas
  • To enhance the working relationship with government, tourism stakeholders and private sectors.
  • To create a conducive communication platform between the tourism industry stakeholders and the government.
  • Opportunity to improve cooperation, communication and creation of a common goal towards tourism being the leading sector within the Province.

Target audience for the Lekgotlas
  • Provincial Tourism Stakeholders
  • Government Institutions
  • Local Municipalities
  • Tourism product owners