S.A. Lombard Nature Reserve

S.A. Lombard Nature Reserve

The S.A. Lombard Nature Reserve was one of the earliest wildlife conservation research centres in South Africa and is credited with having saved the black wildebeest from extinction in the wild.

The reserve is an important breeding centre for plains animals, including springbok, black wildebeest, red hartebeest and zebra.

The reserve conserves a small area of open Kalahari grassland on an unusual flood plain. Game viewing is made simple by the almost total lack of trees.


The reserve is located 17 km west of Bloemhof on the R34 to Schweizer Reneke. To reach the reserve take the R34 west from Bloemhof for 5 km and turn left for 6,4 km to the entrance gate.

The reserve complex is located at the centre of the reserve.


A three bedroomed self-catering guesthouse sleeping 8 people.


Black wildebeest have now been restored to reserves throughout South Africa from the small game stock which formed the nucleus of the recovery programme.