Quick Facts

Land Area

116 320 kilometres square
Population 3.043 million
Capital City Mafikeng
Languages SeTswana, English, Afrikaans
Climate Hot to very hot in summer. Mild to cold in winter.
Airports Mafikeng
Roads Good to fair, suitable for all vehicles
Rail and Bus Services Available through out the North West Province.
Hours of Business 08h00 to 17h00
Internet Operates country wide
Cellphones Major routes & main centres


The summer months (August to March) bring brief, refreshing afternoon thunderstorms. The sky is often amardi gras of electrical energy, a bruised sky opened up by flashes of brilliance. Summer temperatures range between 22°C & 34°C (71.6°F & 93.2°F)

Winter brings with it dry, sunny days and chilly nights. The average winter (May to July) temperature is 15.5°C (60°F) but can range from an average of 2°C (35.6°F) to 20°C (68°F) in a single day.

Effectively forming the southern part of the Kalahari Desert, the North West Province offers almost all year-round sunshine. Do not forget your suntan lotion and sun hat. Few days will be spent indoors staring at bleak weather!

The North West is all about the authentic African bush experience and it is the hot, dry African climate which is truly unique. Small wonder, then, that so many indulge in the many water recreation facilities available throughout the province. Even less surprising that so many choose to stay in this place of uncompromisingly tempered, often intemperate climate.

The North West Province is a must see destination – one that is diverse and exciting. We offer some of the finest game reserves, cultural sights, archaeological treasures as well as entertainment resorts.

Visitors seeking to experience the wilderness and cultural treasures of the North West may do so conveniently because of it’s proximity to the Johannesburg International Airport and the major centres of Johannesburg and Pretoria.

The agricultural and mining production in the North West plays a vital role in boosting the South African economy. The principal products are namely gold, platinum, diamonds, maize, beef and sunflower seeds.

While visiting the North West, the traditional warmth of the province will be shared with you as well as the pride in the history and culture of the province. Visitors to the North West can take home with them lasting memories a special experience and enjoyment.

For complete tourism information, accommodation and route planning contact visit the regional tourism offices in Mafikeng, Rustenburg, Potchefstroom, Pilanesberg, Vryburg and Hartbeespoort Dam.