Join other international and local major corporations in the North West Province as your preferred establishment destination.

Discover a world of opportunity in the North West Province, a potentially lucrative gateway to Southern Africa. Strategically located, the North West Province is bordered by Botswana to the west and nestled against Gauteng to the east, South Africa’s economic powerhouse and Africa’s largest commercial market.

Location is one of the North West Province’s greatest natural advantages. Mafikeng, the provincial capital, is a staging post for rail and road traffic into the sub-continent. The main Cape Town to Zimbabwe railway line passes through Mafikeng via Botswana, with a feeder line to Angola.

In terms of roads, the vital east-west corridor linking Maputo on the Eastern African seaboard and Walvis Bay on the Western African seaboard, runs through the North West Province. The Province’s positioning will be further augmented by the planned Trans-Kalahari corridor through Botswana and Namibia, truly justifying its claim as South Africa’s gateway into Africa.

A naturally beautiful area, the North West Province encapsulates the full scale of human development in one Province – one can retrace the footsteps of the earliest inhabitants on earth and follow that development right through to sophisticated technology based manufacturing.

The North West Province accounts for roughly 10% of South Africa’s land mass and from the very dawn of time, this area has been a magnet for many different cultures. Today, its rich cultural diversity is reflected in its population of 3,5 million people, 8,9% of South Africa’s entire population.

There are many opportunities for increasing the income-producing capacities of the local industries, enhancing product beneficiation within the Province and participating more fully in the myriad of international markets linked to the region’s natural resources.

More information: North West Develpment Corporation