On the N18 between Vryburg and Jan Kempdorp.


Taung “The Place of the Lion” named after Tau, chief of the Bataung people, who made his headquarters here during the 18th century

Taung – the “place of the lion” made world headlines when Australian anthropologist Professor Raymond Dart made a startling find here in 1924. The little Taung skull, which he classified as Australopithecus africanus, belongs to one of the earliest hominids that lived in southern Africa some 2.5 million years ago.


Taung Skull Heritage Site

A monument to the discovery of the Taung skull has been erected at this historic site.

Blue Pools

A popular picnic site at the Buxton quarry at the Taung Heritage Site. In a picturesque valley with caves, streams and rock pools which lies close to the site where the skull was discovered. Barbecue facilities, set alongside a pristine spring winding through an ancient limestone valley.

Boipelo Game Reserve

Boipelo is a small reserve forming part of the Tusk Hotel complex, consisting of 150 hectare of bushveld. This bushveld reserve supports seven different species of wildlife and more than 100 bird species. Visitors may enjoy game viewing either on mountain bikes (provided by the hotel), or along hiking trails of varying length.


Some excellent examples of San Bushman engravings can be viewed at the Dinkwaneng site situated approximately 20km from the centre of Taung, near the Manthe village.

Taung Dam

A perfect picnic spot, 17km out of town on the Kolong River.

Mmabana Cultural Centre

A modern social and educational centre offering locally produced arts and crafts. A short distance east of the village.