Sannieshof lies 40km from Delareyville, 120km from Mahikeng.


When the first post office opened here in 1920 it was named after the wife of the postmaster of the controlling post office in Lichtenburg.

In 1928 the settlement was named Roosville in honour of Tielman Roos, member of parliament for Lichtenburg, but the name did not find favour and the original name was restored in 1952.

Sannieshof lies in the heart of a large maize producing region.


The Barberspan Dam

30 km west of town, the pan is ecologically important since it is a large body of permanent water in an area of seasonal pans and vleis, it is particularly important for waterfowl, many of which moult here. It regularly supports over 20 000 individuals and, together with the surrounding nature reserve, holds over 320 species of birds

De Klipdrift Memorial

Commemorating the Anglo-Boer War Battle of Tweebosch

Bird Farms