Brits is close to Pretoria, en route to Rustenburg.


Brits was founded in 1924 on a farm owned by Gert Brits.

Today it is a modern, developing town surrounded by fragrant citrus groves.


Attractions include the De Wildt Cheetah Research Centre (daily tours take visitors around the facilities of the centre that specialises in breeding cheetah and other endangered species); Granite Works (the largest diamond saws in the world are used to cut blocks of granite); Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve (a nature reserve tailor-made for bird watchers – over 340 bird species have been recorded); Le Croc Tours to an interesting crocodile farm; Vredesboom – “Peace Tree” (the tree under which negotiations took place after the Battle of the Crocodile in 1864); Rainbow Cultural Village (tour Ndebele, San Bushman and Afrikaner villages, visit a shebeen, and purchase choice curios); Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre.

De Wildt Cheetah Centre

Granite Works

Vaalkop Dam Reserve

Rainbow Cultural Village